Bridgeport Mutual Aid has made over 13,000 food deliveries since the start of the pandemic, and helped over 50 families grow food at home. Click here to help out.


In the spring we will begin our gardening program for 2022, and we could use your help to prep materials and build gardens at people’s homes. You don’t need any special skills, just show up ready to get dirty!
But if you do have special skills, there are some we could use! Are you good at gardening? Building? Speaking Spanish? Could you bring a truck, or tools such as saws and drills?   bridgeportmutualaid@gmail.com.

About Bridgeport Mutual Aid

Bridgeport Mutual Aid formed in March 2020 in response to the pandemic with a mission to foster robust and sustainable social ecosystems based on solidarity, in which neighbors help each other, are empowered with information, and have knowledge of and access to resources.

In collaboration with Bridgeport Rescue Mission, The Diaper Bank of CT, and many dedicated volunteers, BMA made over 13,000 grocery and deliveries in its first year. In 2021 BMA continuee the home gardening program that in its first season helped over forty households grow food at home in raised beds and container gardens. In Spring 2021 BMA was part of the team that launched Fridgeport, a series of free community fridges and pantries around the city. The first one opened May 1st 2021 as a collaboration with Kingdom Builders Impact Ministry.